Maple Syrup and sugar bush fun at Brooklands during the sugaring season!

Maple Syrup is our first crop of the season. We believe that our syrup is the best. Ask us and we will tell you why! We welcome visits to our sugar shack and sugar bush during the sugaring season. As conditions change daily in the bush, always call our taped message (705 764 1888) just before heading out to the farm to ascertain whether we are open or not for visitors at the sugar shack.

Made using traditional principles and 21st century technology, our syrup maximises all the nutrition and flavour from the sap our trees so generously provide. As the spring progresses we produce early lights to rich dark amber syrups later in the season.  We bottle the majority of our syrup into 1 litre, 500 ml and 250 ml glass bottles and a few 4 litre plastic jugs.

We welcome special orders for Wedding Favours from the discerning couple. To qualify for the couples discount these orders need to be in place by the time the season kicks in, as all syrup is hot packed in the bush. If you purchase your annual supply of syrup from us, we strongly encourage you to get your order in as early as possible.