Unfortunately we do not have chickens or eggs this year (2017)!

                       Free-range eggs and friendly pullets!                        

Our Isa-browns arrive in May. The are almost 19 weeks old when they do and are just beginning to lay eggs. Having being raised in a humongous factory farm these beautiful young biddies experience quite a culture-shock when they arrive at Brooklands! Their new predator safe mobile chicken coop with plenty of room, food, water, lined with clean straw, laying boxes and lovely roosts is quite a cosy home compared to their old factory barn. The mobile coop is surrounded by an electric fence which keeps predators out and the chickens in. They have lots of free ranging space to grub for bugs and all sorts of fresh shoots to supplement their grain mash. They love it and lay the best eggs ever. In the fall they move on to new homes and continue laying yummy eggs!

We sell the eggs on a first come first serve basic and are quickly sold out each day!